CTL Global Services Engineering owns and operates its own fleet of drill rigs.Our rigs are capable of Hollow Stem Augering, Rotary CoreDrilling and Direct Push Sampling. CTL is able to perform inhouseenergy transfer calibrations on all of its automatic drivehammers. In fact, CTL calibrates many of our competitors’drive hammers as well.CTL has continuously owned and operated drilling equipmentsince the 1970’s. We have the equipment and experience toperform just about any geotechnical or environmental drillingproject you may have.ANALYTICAL LABORATORY:Our soils laboratory has been accredited by AMRL since1999. The lab has consolidometers, triaxial and directshear apparata, permeability devices, soil compaction,soils classification equipment, and other laboratory testingequipment. We routinely perform testing on undisturbed, aswell as remolded soil samples. We also provide strength anddurability testing services on rock samplesGEOTECHNICAL SERVICES:• Complete Subsurface Exploration Study• Foundation Analysis• Pile, Pier, and Caisson Analysis & Inspection• Embankment & Earth Dam Analysis• Slope Stability Analysis• Settlement Analysis• Pavement Design• Rock & Mineral Testing• Hydrogeologic Studies• Field and Laboratory Testing of Soils/Rock• Legal Testimony• Dynamic Pile Testing

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